samedi 28 février 2009

Principe di Savoia

Steven Meisel - March 2009 W

I am lucky but I am bored.
I did the hot bath already, and ate all the cashew nuts from the mini-bar. I always eat the cashew nuts from the mini-bar first thing when I get in an hotel room. Private ritual. I just ordered room-service. A salad an a glass of wine. I am not hungry, just bored. Italian TV sucks and there is not a single page of I haven't seen twice at least today. They charge 24 euros a day for internet connexion and a pay-per-view movie is 18 euros !
Sometimes, being alone in a luxury hotel feels like the top of the world to me. A Lost in Translation experience. I am so able to see myself as the heroine of a movie called My Life. Sometimes.
Today I can't. I feel like loud music, drunk friend and stilettos that kill your feet. I could just dress up, go out and party ? I brought cool outfits, just in case. In case this guy would have wanted to take me out to fw parties. He just texted me he was stuck at a dinner. Which means he probably is hanging out with a few models.
Maybe I should call this hot lesbian girl I know from Paris and met in the lobby earlier ?
Have to work early tomorrow though.
I'm still hungover from last night. One of those crazy Baron nights you don't remember the last few hours from. Don't know how I even got to Milan today.
I miss Paris.
Is writing about my life compatible with the anonymous blogger status ?
Bad mood alert.
More from the Meisel W editorial ?
I might just call this girl.
Room service arrived.
The salad is ridiculously small (28 euros) but the wine is great.

6 commentaires:

  1. Love the Meisel editorial!

    Wish I was in a hotel in Milan.
    I can't wait to turn 18 and go to Paris!

    btw, I've added you to my links.


  2. Feel your pain - mini bar wine somehow never disappoints;) Added your link xx

  3. oh steven he is the greatest! cashew nuts are my FAV - nobbys salted are the best treat ever.

    thanks for your comment! :)
    glad you enjoy my fashion week posts! and yes they are time consuming..but keeps me busy..i HATE having nothing to do! i go even more crazy. i am so jealous you are in Milan! what is your job role? sounds like something pretty cool to me! love to know what you do.
    thanks so much again for your kind words! and hope you pulled up okay after your yummy wine :)

    love LM

  4. Somehow mini-bar wine never disappoints!

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