jeudi 26 février 2009

Second thoughts

Paul Smith fw09

I feel like tucking in a man's shirt in my high-waist corol skirt.
I feel like wearing a big black hat.
I feel like matching chunky woolen stockings and a flowery dress.
I feel like dressing like a school girl.
I love what Paul Smith offers me this season. He's no Alexander Wang or Henry Holland, he's no cool or quirky, but he's being creative and easy. He proposes un way of dressing, une "allure". Something you can get inspiration from and put it practice immediatly, with what you have in your closet. It's for now and tomorrow, it's sustainable. There's no it-shoe or statement print. Just fashion, good old fashion.

I feel so great ! I'm still totally HIIIGH on my new boots and I'am about to dive again into the new Vogue. The 100% Chanel editorial kicks ass.

Carine for ever. xxx

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh my, an all chanel editorial sounds amaaaazing and I love your boots in the post below. And the dark lips in the Paul Smith show are so appealing. x

  2. Thanks for your extreme comment, loved recieving it. THere is an 80s one and a 50s but they just weren't as exciting as the others, but if you want I can post them.

    So funny that you did this post on Paul Smith because his is one of the only shows where I faourited a few things, It was really wearable and comfy