mercredi 11 février 2009


There is crazy stuff happening in Paris right now. I don't want to sound obsessed by recession, but it seems like people are losing boundaries, searching for action, revolution, freedom... Or how to explain the fact that the place to be, on Monday, was this small cabaret club in le 9eme where a couple was performing live sex on stage ? Some fashion people were here, as well as TV stars, DJs and art collectors. It wasn't dirty, because of the curtain, the red light, the intimacy of the room. It was "libertin", not erotic. More naughty than nasty. Everyone seemed fascinated as well as slightly shocked by the vision. All these big boys and girls were watching with interest, giggling like teenagers, willing to desexualize the moment. At the end, everyone asked for more. This is going to happen again, more and more people will want to join. Maybe soon some amateurs hit the stage and become libertins themselves. Might be a new trend. After all, some of the most hardcore wintage porn was produced during the Great Depression in the 30's?

5 commentaires:

  1. Elles sont trop belles ces photos!
    Je suis dégoûtée de ne pas être venue!
    En tout cas j'ai ouïe dire que vous vous êtes bien éclatés.

  2. C'était fou oui ! There will be more, for sure ! Merci d'être passée, belle

  3. that's really interesting. i guess in bad times, people need something to forget.

  4. interesting. escapism thrives during hard times and i guess thats about as unreal as things can get when it comes to what we consider mainstream entertainment these days.

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