vendredi 20 février 2009

Leather and Crushed Velvet

I want it all. Every single piece of Erin Wasson's RVCA collection, showed in NYC yesterday. I want the leather vest, the bleached denim shorts, the oversized sailor sweater, the mesh tops, the slouchy crochet dress and the old cow boy hat.
I want it all, and I'll get it all very easily at the thrift store next door !

5 commentaires:

  1. Ahahaha ! That is so true. Maybe someone should tell her designers are supposed to get inspired by vintage, not to copy paste it !

  2. totally agree! she is so clever and has such a good eye for style and fashion. love her!
    thanks for your comment honey!

    hope you are having a good weekend!

    love LM xxx

  3. i so love it....

  4. I love her collection. Paper magazine just had her on the cover and featured her in an article. She's so cool! And gorgeous of course.