dimanche 8 février 2009


Numero 100 looked very much like any parisian fashion party : you run into scaringly skinny Eva Herzigova, loads of Balmain, less Balenciaga, leotards, smoky eyes and very high Louboutins. I was moved by the Peter Lindgbergh editorial - but I'll post about this tomorrow, and especially touched by the "curating" of Hans Ulrich Obrist, swiss curator, art critic and director of London Serpentine Gallery. One of the most impressive and smart person I ever met in my life. Also one of the sweetest. Anyways, for his "carte blanche" in this Numéro, he made a glossy exhibition of british artist Cerith Wyn Evans latest work. I just loved it, felt impacted by theses collages of masculine naked bodies, evocations of Asia, cultural mixes, return to natural state. Naked bodies, skins, the way we look without fashion to protect us. Nudity always works on me.

Nudity can be innocence and perversion, pure or wicked, pride or shame. Like on these vintage postcard I bought in Berlin and hung on my wall.
People often get disturbed by it, and I don't mind it.
I also decided I should really get a scanner. Cause pictures of pictures really doesn't work well.
PS : ATTENTION SPOILER : Max getting pregnant, how predictible was that ? What do you think of L word S 06 ??

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  1. great pictures. love your blog.