jeudi 19 février 2009


I was away for too long. I am being such a bad blogger. I know you are supposed to post everyday, or it wont work.
But, God, I had so much to do lately, and I went to Berlin for the week-end... Had the most terrible time ever. Let me tell you about it.
I visited this boy I really liked... and he acted like a total asshole. For example, he forced me to walk in the cold on my 15 cm heels, by -15 degrees. And when I said I was cold he answered me I was an hysteric. The guy is a shrink. Yeah, I know.... It's probably also the reason why he didn't want us to share the same bed ('I hate human heat'), wasn't interressed in visiting a museum ('I've seen it all') and was very disapointed I pick spanish as a second language in high school ('You don't speak my language, we can't share anything'). Oh, and did I tell you about the part when he took me to this 20's party, and the other end of Berlin, with middle-aged people wearing wigs, Charlestown dresses and Al Capone hats ? Not that it was cool, they weren't wearing vintage clothes, they had actually picked their stuff from some dress up shop, the kind you go to for Halloween.... Oh god. I still cant' beleive I hung in there for two days. I used to really love Berlin.
Did I mention that all this happened on Valentine's day ??
Ok. I know. This is no good reason to stop blogging for so long.
Ok, so what I will do is confess something really unconfessable to show you how sorry I am.
I have a huge crush on Frank N. Furter.
I love men wearing tights and heels.

Yeah. Ok. I love crazy. And then I shouldn't be surprised when I end up spending Valentine's day with a psychopath in Berlin. Ok. I got your point. Thanks.

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