vendredi 6 février 2009

The R word

It is all over the place. In the sofas of cosy living-rooms, sitting at fancy dinners, on the metro, at the newstand. Recession is all over. Last night, as I was cruising down rue Etienne Marcel in a cab, my friend R. told me : "See all those shops", pointing out at the windows of Et Vous, Diesel, Pinko, Levi's, Bill Tornade and Paul&Joe. "Well, I bet you half of them will be gone by 10 years." Recession. On that same evening, at the turn of a conversation, a very witty and frivolous fashion PR checked out the LVMH stock quotations on her I Phone. And everywhere, stories of PRs and ADs being sacked, concerts and art projects getting canceled, fashion magazines getting thiner. Bang, Bang. Fashion is hit. Fashion is scared.
But fashion puts the hands in the air like it just doesn't care. And yesterday night, fashion was celebrating the "Natalia Vodianova for Etam lingerie" collection at Regine's. Amongst decaliters of vodka and champagne, trendy actors, former top-models, middle-aged fashion gourous, young european princesses and half-naked it-girls laughed and played to the sound of 2 many DJs. The party was great. Everybody agreed. But there was something forced in the smiles, something that said, "Gosh ! I miss the 90's..."

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