jeudi 12 février 2009


Raquel Zimmerman - Alexander Wang S/S 09
Daisy Lowe, Agent Provocateur F/W 08

Lets get back to fashion. I have an obsession right now : Leotards.
First, I LOVE this word.
In french, we call it "body", which sounds a little vulgar, or maybe the best translation would be "justaucorps", which is even worse. But the other night, I was with an american friend at home. It was late, I was a little drunk, wanted to feel confortable, and took off my high-waisted skirt. Underneath, I was wearing my nude American Apparel Bodysuit.
And he said : "Oh, you're wearing a leotard". I had forgotten this word, and it made me shiver... Just loved the sound of it, the sexiness and quirkyiness of it. Makes me love it even more. I just ordered this topshop lace one, and I am about to fall for this one too.
I, of course, don't love them for their comfort - you actually have to go naked each time you need to "pipi".... because they don't have this button crotch opening like the 80's... Thank god!! No. What I love about them is their tightness, the way they hold your body, almost forcing you to stand straight, chest up, like a ballerina... I definetely love the kitschy ballet look of it... Makes me want to wear leg warmers and pretend I am on "Fame".
I am sure soon we will be wearing it with nothing on top, as Alexander Wang suggests it, as Beyoncé does in her Single Ladies video and as Kate did...let me check... two years ago ??

Dammit !! She's too good.

5 commentaires:

  1. hahah glad you are a 'freak too' :) i knew there were more out there somewhere!!!

    i loooove the leotard...i saw the hottest black and white striped one today..i gushed big day saturday...may just happen! haha

    great blog too! happy friday!

    xxx love LM

  2. Moi aussi j'ai une belle collection de "body" comme disent les Frenchy!

  3. Have you disappeared? Plus de billets depuis longtemps ...