mercredi 25 février 2009


So I am just back from the House of Holland show. And as you can see, it was all about white stripes... There is all this fuss right now about Henry Holland aka "Agyness' best friend", aka the 24 year old British fashion prodige. The first row was packed with it-girls, with both Geldolfes, Cory Kennedy and a very undisciplined Jaime Winston sitting on boyfriend Alfie's lap.
So, the Henry Holland show was fun, and fresh, and funny.
And I do love the white stripes idea.I mean, yeah, Henry, that's one hell of a great idea, indeed ! But ... Why white stripes EVERYWHERE ??
I don't know, maybe you could have come up with, say, a second idea ? Why so monotonous goddamn @@@@@*****!!??
Moodie, what's wrong with you ? Stop being so mean to harmless fashion designers !
I know, I know...
But fashion is so boring suddenly ! Even my favorite, the romantic, flowery, young and fresh Luella produced this monotonous grey and black collection...
Although I have to admit i want this dress very badly ...

Luella fw 09

Ok, i know... the most boring thing here is my post. I am sorry. London's putting me down. Have a good night, kids

4 commentaires:

  1. hahaa...agree with the HoH show.

    The Launch is in LONDON, silly. ;)

    Selfridges, 6-7!!

  2. hahaha maybe don't come to my blog? i have london and new york posts left right and centre! but i love lots of it so much! but i agree..everyone is totally getting right into blacks and greys! thanks for your sweet comment honey!!! and that luella are too right, it is devine!
    xxx love LM

  3. Yoshi I am so silly ! I get confused with all thoses fashion weeks and designers popping here there and everywhere !
    I am back in Paris already... Cant' wait to read about it on your blog ! Love !

  4. Bein dis donc, ton trip a Londres n'a pas l'air de t'avoir enchante! Mais bon, Holland ce n'est pas exactement un "vrai" designer... Je n'aime pas du tout son travail.
    Comment se fait il que ton anglais soit excellent? Tu habites bien a Paris, non?