jeudi 5 février 2009

Initials KM

As I did some cleaning last night, trying to get rid of some of the hundreds magazines I keep in my living-room, i started piling them randomly. And this crazy thing happened : on the top of each pile, Kate Moss was on the cover, staring at me with style and arrogance.
I realized I had always been a Kate Moss fan without ever admitting it - I am the kind of girl who would say her new haircut looks bad, her Topshop collection is boring and her style not that great. But I have to admit that every cover she shot seemed special enough for me to want to keep it for ever. I also have to confess I bought for a quite unreasonnable price the very first issue featuring her - The Face, July 1990, pictures by Corinne Day. I have to recognize she looks as stunning with her irresistible baby smile on this cover as she does in "femme fatale" on this recent Vogue issue. I have to pay a tribute to her. She is the queen. I surrender.

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