mardi 24 février 2009


Love from London you people.
What a crazy city. I just hopped off the Eurostar to have a quick ride at Giles Deacon's Party at Bungalow 8. I saw freshly divorced Peaches Geldolf wearing a long pink gown. She looked as if she was about to receive an Academy Award, except she was drunk.
I am too tired and sick to add anything more.
I am still in a bad mood.
I felt like aiming my horrible mood to Chloe Sevigny and tell her something like "Chloe, if coming up with this :
Chloe Sevigny for O.C fw09
is being a fashion designer... then I am a fashion designer too."
But then I realized she was way too cool for me to say anything mean to her :
Chloe Sevigny for O.C fw09

So I'll give up being mean for today and just go to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow to be able to finally buy LOVE magazine, which I have been restraining myself for buying at the ridiculous price of 10 euros at the newstand in my street in Paris, reasonably planning on waiting for my London trip to read this much awaited issue.
You probably don't realize it right now, but I am writing with a british accent.
Good night !

6 commentaires:

  1. Yes Chloe is great she wins at life. And yes that creation you displayed is a cruel trick on fashionable people who will buy that and then look back on the outfit in 20 years the way people look back at mullets now.

    The END

  2. Didn't Love just realse their first issue last week? There' already a new one out? Damn.

    Anways. link added! WHY have you left so early? Are you coming for the Erin Wasson x RVCA launch on Thursday??
    Better be here missy. ;)

    lol. I actually saw her at selfridges checking out the her mannequins like a couple of hours ago.

    It'll be a damn shame if you couldn't.

  3. Seriously, we could be cut from the same cloth.
    Love your posts!
    Hope all is good in London.


  4. Bijou, I love your comparison with the mullet, so accurate !!
    Yoshi, I havent read the first issue yet ! Can you imagine ??
    Gypsy, Thx for the sweetest comment ever

  5. Oh and Yoshi I really suck but I wont make it to NYC for Erin's launching, I hope you blog all you know and see of it !!

  6. J'aime beaucoup Love et le design du magazine. Katie Grand a fait du bon boulot!