mercredi 25 février 2009

I'm coming

Really. Since I have them at my feet, my life has changed. It's been about six hours now. Every ten minutes, roughly, I have a mini orgasm. There is this weird smile floating on my face and when I walked to Montmartre earlier, I really had the feeling I was so cool that Kate Moss would just be "almost cool" compared to me, at this minute.
Am I crazy ?
Wait. I am totally aware they are not obvious. I know they look a little like fat monk sandals stuffed with gigantic black suede socks. Actually that's what they are.
But they are so quircky, so Margiela-ish, and the leather bandage makes it so Rodarte fw09-ish... no ?? Is it me ???
Ok, whatever, I am litteraly HIGH on my boots, and you know what ? I am in a such a good mood I feel like posting all the stuff I liked from London and nyc, cause I liked stuff, actually. I was so grumpy, though... That was all because of this horrible week end in Berlin.
Anyways ! I feel happy now. xx
PS I got my shoes at the new OMG vintage store that just opened, right accross the street (this is very bad news for my banker). They are italian 80s vintage the tag says Mare. In case someone cares.

3 commentaires:

  1. Love your boots!!
    If you don't mind me asking,why are you


  2. hot hot hot booties miss moodie! love them. thanks for your lovely comment and for being a visitor to my blog :)

    also want to exchange links????

    love LM xxx

  3. OMFG !
    Je vais être obligée de m'introduire chez toi par effraction.
    Je crois que je te hais un peu à ce moment précis.