jeudi 26 mars 2009


(Hedi Slimane)

I haven't posted anything here for so long.
Shame on me.
I feel like hiding behing my hair.
I have good reasons for this though. First, fashion week killed me.
I was litteraly dead for a whole week. Spent entire days sleeping and went to my parent's house for the week-end. That's generally a good sign I'm deeply depressed.

Then, fashion kind of bored me.
I mean... Lately I've been wondering if I still believed in fashion. It's horrible for me to say this, cause fashion is what my job in mainly made of, but see, with all this economical crisis going on - I AM OBSESSED YEAH - I feel like it's not OK to cry tears of joy in front of a YSL sequins jumpsuit - OH MY GOD did you see this gorgeouness ?

And anyways, there isn't much to cry tears of joy about.
I've been trying hard, though. I really meant to find something cool, fun, interessing, to write on this blog, fashion wise. So I bought a lot of magazines.

I read them all.
No excitement. Nothing worth blogging. Except, maybe the Lakshmi Menon Dazed editorial, but everybody already mentionned it.
Last week I went shopping with a friend. Like, easy shopping, H&M, favorite thrift store ... Absolute boredom. The only suff I felt like buying was torn black leggings and oversized vintage t-shirts. And then I realized I could just tear up one of my hundreds black leggings and I already owned 869 vintage t-shirts.

I thought to myself what's wrong with me ?
And realized I was just depressed.
By the Paris weather, by the titles in the newspapers, by the extinction of polar bears (I rent An unconvenient truth, the Al Gore documentary, the other night. I cried. Advice : don't see it if you're down, it will make you wanna kill yourself).
I am also depressed buy all kinds of family problems you don't want to hear about.
Let alone my unexisting love life.
I didn't say sex. I said love.

Anyways. I realized I was depressed and so I decided to do the only thing to do when one feels really down :

Here is the result.
(You can tell I'm not Ok by the absolute randomness of the sizes I ordered. )

Ok so the belt is like a belt version of the YSL cage shoes, and I feel like dying when I think about how it will look when I pair it to my vintage leather dress. I think the beaded blue scarf is crazy and very me. The striped tunic is just so similar to the one that got stolen in my housewarming party a year ago - Yes. I know. That and a vintage cheetah print dress and a fake quilted Chanel bag and a scarf I just loved. I cried for weeks, but it's only material. The one shoulder dress and the bandage grey skirt look very Herve Leger to me and I feel excited.... And I don't really know what happened to me with the pink acid wash cropped t-shirt, it was an impulse.

I am now 200 € lighter, and you know what ? I feel better.
This, my friends, proves fashion still works. I am the living proof that consuming is a feel-good activity. That getting new clothes can make your life prettier, and that therefore, in spite of the crisis and all, the fashion industry is not going to die right away, and I will keep my job for a little while.
And most of all, I'll keep on blogging. Cause, even when I have nothing to say, the result after a few minutes talking to you guys is : I feel so much better.

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  1. Don't leave us again for so long. The blogosphere is tedious without your opinions about the fashion world and details of your non-existent love life (hard to believe that it is actually non-existent, a hot girl like you)! You could try my recipe for a miserable spring day: stay at home, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, Japanese takeaway, a good book, a long bath, switch off your phone, Facebook, Twitter and all that jazz. Or escape to the countryside with one real girlfriend...

  2. OH MOODY DEAR...*hugs hugs hugs* to you...we all get like this..i do all too often too..despite my 'happy go lucky' personality..we all have our inner demons and those in life family is totally screwed so i feel your family pains too. hope you feel better! and do keep on blogging! such a release for expressing feelings i think :)

    take care of yourself ok! much love bel xxx

  3. gorgeous page. lovely style.

  4. Bon donc je comment en anonyme, puisque Jésus a décidé que je ne pouvais pas te laisser de comments d'une autre manière...

    Sinon, les vêtements, c'est bien pour la déprime.Comme ça quand t'as plus de mouchoirs pour t'essuyer les yeux...

    Sale gamine

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  6. I hope things get better for you soon, I really do :) I enjoy reading your blog so much and yes, a spree at topshop usually does wonders for depressions. Love the stuff you bought! x

  7. Ben alors ma belle...!
    Qu'est ce qui se passe?!
    C vrai qu'on ne te vois plus!
    Et puis t'inquiète pas, y a Hyères qui arrive, avec le beau temps!

  8. After a long long break Pretty guide of art is back :)
    I would love to heard your opinion!
    see you and take care

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  10. hey, moody! you should be ashamed! first you get everyone hooked on your delicious drug-site and then you disappear for eternity... hope you are well)).

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  12. LilyD and a skull! Wow, you make me believe that Topshop is once again on par with Zara on designer ripoffs.

  13. No need to be ashamed! your blog is awesome! x x x

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